Nosalowy Dwór
ul. Oswalda Balzera 21d
34-500 Zakopane

Venue description:
Nosalowy Dwór is the largest resort in Zakopane, which you can discover in the heart of Tatra Mountains. Nosalowy Dwór is more than just a hotel complex located near the Nosal Ski Center. It is a space designed for rest, teeming with emotions, where offers meet your individual needs. The resort consists of four unique facilities: Rezydencja I Nosalowy Dwór, Rezydencja II Nosalowy Dwór, Hotel Grand Nosalowy Dwór and Hotel Nosalowy Dwór. Each facility is special and offers a unique decor. Together, they combine an architectural style inspired by the best alpine resorts with a unique brand value, the manifest of which you will find at every step and in every aspect of the stay. Our highest standards have been recognized by both guests and independent institutions.

The activity is co-financed from the state budget under the programme of the Minister of Education and Science called 'Excellent Science' project no. DNK/SP/548041/2022 subsidy amount 63 470 PLN, total project value: 263 470 PLN